heart’s desire

November 17, 2000


montréal, 2000

this photo (and the previous one) are from a performance i gave at dare-dare in 2000 called “expect nothing.” there were two components of the performance, an ‘in the gallery” part and an “in the rooming house” part. i will explain this performance in greater detail and put it on a page which in then listed up on the title green rectangle of this blog. (later)

so i am supposed to make a new years resolution. i told me friend my new years resolution was to be a millionaire. he said, “oh and how are you going to earn it?” and i said, “i’m not going to earn a million, i’m just going to be a millionaire.” my son didn’t quite understand either…so i told him it was ready to accept a million dollars into my life. of course he found this funny, saying what if someone had offered me a million dollars last year, would i have said …no, sorry, i am not ready to accept this.

so, seeing as how i am to be a millionaire because i can now accept this into my life i think the first thing i should do is act as if i am a millionaire. as if no monetary obstacles lay between me and my hearts desire. o.k., ready go!