heart’s desire

November 17, 2000


montréal, 2000

this photo (and the previous one) are from a performance i gave at dare-dare in 2000 called “expect nothing.” there were two components of the performance, an ‘in the gallery” part and an “in the rooming house” part. i will explain this performance in greater detail and put it on a page which in then listed up on the title green rectangle of this blog. (later)

so i am supposed to make a new years resolution. i told me friend my new years resolution was to be a millionaire. he said, “oh and how are you going to earn it?” and i said, “i’m not going to earn a million, i’m just going to be a millionaire.” my son didn’t quite understand either…so i told him it was ready to accept a million dollars into my life. of course he found this funny, saying what if someone had offered me a million dollars last year, would i have said …no, sorry, i am not ready to accept this.

so, seeing as how i am to be a millionaire because i can now accept this into my life i think the first thing i should do is act as if i am a millionaire. as if no monetary obstacles lay between me and my hearts desire. o.k., ready go!


4 Responses to “heart’s desire”

  1. if i was suddenly rich (nevergonnahappen) i’m determined that it wouldn’t change me. i’d save some, give some, buy original artworks, go in nice cofee shops and stock my fringe out with quality fruit juices. that is all, really.

  2. although it may be true that u will never suddenly be rich…(it could happen slowly over time)just imagine if the hare was!! (i like that thought…)

  3. oh dear let’s pray that never happens. I’m pretty sure he has little grasp of the concept of “money”.

    speaking of which, will anyone out there…y’know..give me a job?

    lol *sob* lol

  4. (i laughed…)
    however, in all seriousness,
    i think you should start giving the little guy an allowance, you know, open a bank account, teach the hare the value of money because one day peter, mark my words, that little side kick of yours is going to bring in BIG BUCKS, and i mean BIG BUCKS!

    p.s. peter, please don’t let the hare read this comment. i think he would be most offended if he knew i was referring to him as “your little side kick.”

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