bread head (2)

April 28, 2003


montréal, 2003

i don’t know if you have heard this story from the legends surrounding picasso…but apparently an art critic was waxing poetic about picasso’s choice of blue in one of his paintings when he asked picasso why he had chosen that particular hue of blue…and picasso answered, it was what he had on hand.

so me and white sliced bread. it is true there is a bread surplus store in my neighborhood where one can buy a loaf of bread for as little as 45 cents. but i like to think there is meaning in my choice of materials. that white sliced bread is reminiscent of home and mother and nourishment. as well as lack of nourishment. that it is symbolic of comfort, as well as symbolic of a comfort deprived of any real value. a refined, overproduced version of what we really need, neatly packed and ready for consumption.


One Response to “bread head (2)”

  1. Vanni B said

    I was brought up on white bread and share your view of its symbolism (marketing) and lack of nourishment. It was and it sounds like it is still a cheap belly-filler… sad, really, all that money spent on processing, packaging, distribution, etc.

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