metro rider (6)

March 29, 2004


i didn’t plan 2 b a metro rider. it’s just that on that night when i was taking the metro and my stop came up, i couldn’t make myself get up and walk out the door. i made a plan 2 get out at the next stop, maybe go see a movie, yet when the next stop came, i just let it go on by, …then I thought, to the library, read some magazines; that didn’t happen either. i didn’t want 2 b anywhere. i spent the whole night riding the metro, riding till the end of the line, getting off, turning around and riding again. i began to feel paranoid, afraid people would know i was a fake, that i wasn’t really going anywhere, and then i began 2 wonder if there were other people like me, other metro-riders…


2 Responses to “metro rider (6)”

  1. jess said

    this is a great photo. reminds me of the time we rode trains on different cars and i stared at you through the glass the whole way.

  2. leslie said

    I like the metro rider series.
    Nothing at all ‘fake’ here.

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