river walker

December 29, 2004


verdun, 2004/2005

in the winter of 2004/2005 i lived in verdun. close to the river. i would go down to the river and walk along its shore. everything was white with snow. the river was frozen. the dried stalks and twigs and branches from last years growth were visible against the snow like beautiful line drawings. the river and the whiteness and the fragility of these delicate remnants became charged for me. i started to bring a pen and little squares of paper in my coat pocket. when struck with that feeling of awe i would stop and crouch and take out my pen and paper and draw. this is one of the first drawings… i called the series river walker.


2 Responses to “river walker”

  1. neath said

    Please show more of the River Walker series. The Verdun waterfront has long been a source of inspiration for me.

  2. hi neath!
    i have posted a few more pictures from the river walker series up on a page called river walker that you can access by clicking on the text “river walker”up on the green rectangle that introduces this blog. i have at least 200 little drawing from that winter. the drawings are small, 3cm x 3cm and then slightly larger from there. i couldn’t stay still and draw for too long because my fingers would freeze and my feet too. as the winter turned to spring i was able to stay still and concentrate for longer periods.
    the river for me that winter was so beautiful.i was literally in love with this space, it was so quiet and all these little treasures like lace somehow resonated so strongly with me. i really miss the river, but i think mostly i miss that feeling of wonderment at how absolutely beautiful earth is.

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