bread bed @ paris (2)

December 1, 2005


this outdoor corridor at the cité internationale des arts in paris was “home” to between eighteen and twenty men. when night fell the “guys” would come and claim their place. some had cardboard and sleeping bags, some did not. every morning the corridor was hosed down and all traces from the night before would be washed away. in the day you would never know the ground you walked on was occupied each night.


3 Responses to “bread bed @ paris (2)”

  1. Kamini said

    We have the same going on in New York. It breaks my heart when I see the men (it’s always men) huddled up in their boxes on a cold winter’s night, fiercely guarding their few possessions. By morning, they’ve gone. Although in New York nothing is hosed down! I wonder how a project like yours would go down in this city.

  2. it is such a complex issue on one level, and on another level it is so simple… i wonder when humans began walking by the suffering of other humans? long, long ago i think, and yet i know no mother teaches her child to disregard the suffering of others…

    in madras? is it similar?

  3. Kamini said

    It sounds horrible to say this – but perhaps because there is so much more in-your-face poverty in India (although the homelessness problem in Madras is hugely improved compared to what it was during my childhood and college days) people seem to be more inured and hardened to it. More people ignore the poor( and are even downright rude to them) in India, than in New York.

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