bread bed @ paris (3)

December 1, 2005


this is patrick bending down to talk with me. this place on the corridor was his spot (we rented it from him for 20 euros for the three hours of the “performance” with the condition that he could have the bread when i was finished.) i remember feeling touched when he jokingly asked me if i was o.k. and if there was anything he could do for me. lying on the ground as people walk right by you is a very vulnerable position and i started to feel almost invisible. patrick then told me this concern is very rarely given to him when he is on the ground. i asked him what it felt like, to see people respond to “wasted” bread on the ground in contrast to how people respond to him when he is on the ground. he got excited and exclaimed “so that’s what you’re doing!” and then he started to engage with the people around us and share with them how he had become homeless.


One Response to “bread bed @ paris (3)”

  1. Perruche said

    “wasted bread” vs “wasted people”…such a wonderful, simple and efficient way to share a reflection about homelessness.

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