in brooklyn

April 2, 2008

in brooklyn, on the street corner in front of the convenience store, a newspaper story printed on white paper is stapled to a wooden telephone pole. the story tells of a “gruesome find” — a man’s body washed up along the shoreline of the hudson river, discovered by another man walking his dog. the story includes a photo (mug shot) of the found man. above this sheet of paper a second sheet of paper is stapled to the pole. printed on the paper is a colour snapshot of the man holding a small child on his lap. both the man and the child are smiling into the camera as if caught in the act of goofing around. the name of the man, his birth-date and his death-date are handwritten below the photo and personal testimonials about the man fill the page. over at the convenient store, stuck into the window grill, penned in a scrawl across a one foot by two feet ripped piece of cardboard are the words “i love you daddy.

in memory of: Shelton “Shawn” Grant