la rue des rêves/dreamers wanted

May 29, 2008

this is one of the handbills i placed along l’avenue mont-royal asking for dreamers. i have begun to record people’s dreams with the marantz (a type of old-fashioned audio recorder) and the experience of listening to people tell their dreams is incredible. i feel privileged and slightly awed when people share their dream world with me. it is at once an intimate and rich gift. the dreams people carry inside themselves are absolutely amazing. i love this part of the project.


4 Responses to “la rue des rêves/dreamers wanted”

  1. Vanni B said

    Interesting project… have you thought of how to present this?

  2. thanks vanni,

    a sound track of dreams will be broadcast from speakers that line l’avenue mont royal. two twenty minute segments will be broadcast per day from the 7th of july to the end of august. this is a project i am working on with two other artists: madeleine david and elsa charpentier. the invisible to others, known only to the dreamer quality of dreams makes the sharing of these worlds we inhabit with others so beautiful, it is like being invited to enter into someone else’s private creation.

  3. Vanni B said

    Check out a similar project (if you don’t know of it) at

    Last year the artist came to Emily Carr and talked about this on-going project. He records one minute of anonymous free speech at 1-888-500-1011 Canada & USA (toll free). Interesting what people need to say if given only one minute… What I also love is his presentation. He built a bicycle type of contraption that he wheels around to broadcast these recordings.

  4. ah,
    that’s great! i love the child/toy-like quality of the bike thing.

    thanks for the link!

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