la rue des rêves/listening

June 11, 2008

this is the english version of the handbill we are distributing along l’avenue mont-royal.

there has been (and will be) connections made between “la rue des rêves” and other art projects such as the guy who receives secrets people sent via the post on hand-made postcards, or the one minute project (see link in art projects when you scroll down to the bottom of this page.) and while; yes, the similarities of collecting people’s “stories” and then disseminating them with the “author” remaining anonymous is certainly true, there is one aspect of “la rue des reves” that, although relatively minute, is different from these other projects. and this aspect is the person-to-person act of listening. even though the recorded dream is the “product” shared with a larger audience, it is the fact that the initial sharing of the dream is one person telling another person their dream in real time that is so important.

i bring the recording device and the mike to where you are, we sit down together, you tell the dream with me sitting beside you. i am there in person to hear you speak. and it is this conferring of time and attention and effort towards you, the person who shares, that is for me the heart of the work. for even though i love hearing people tell their dreams, to a certain degree the dream is the pre-text that allows the exchange to happen. and it is this exchange that is for me of such great importance, that i am there to hear you and receive your gift.


One Response to “la rue des rêves/listening”

  1. a great-sounding project, as always. And I’m still kinda here, if you suspected that I wasn’t. I’m still dreaming as we all do, working on some dreams of my own in the quote/unquote “real world”. hehe.

    keep at it,

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