la rue des rêves/a dream for you

July 12, 2008

the envelopes with a handwritten dream inside photographed here were put into people’s mailboxes along l’avenue mont-royal.

for “la rue des rêves” first atelier we had pens and paper and envelopes. the idea is to write a dream on paper, put the paper in an envelope and then anonymously place the envelope in the mail-box of someone along l’avenue mont-royal. while sitting in the park watching everyone around me i had the urge to address the dreams to specific people who were in the park…for example on the envelope, rather than saying ” a dream for you” it could read:

dream for a girl with bright red hair

dream for a man wearing a white button-up shirt

dream for a woman walking her dog through the park

dream for a man who eats alone

dream for a solitary girl who sits under a tree

dream for a man carrying a baby in a snugly

dream for two friends who are laughing together

and then inside each envelope would be a dream that resonated with each person’s situation. i only did one specific dream in this way because i had to wait for madeleine to come and help me with my french spelling and grammar. but it was satisfying to give a handwritten dream tucked inside an envelope to “the solitary girl who sat under the tree,” although i felt rather shy afterwards.

the next atelier is between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. on friday the 25th of july in the parc des compagnons at the corner of boyer and l’avenue mont-royal.


One Response to “la rue des rêves/a dream for you”

  1. This is amazing and quite beautiful.

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