visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (4)

July 15, 2008

day 2

this “dream” is written on the sidewalk across the street from a building that houses men who are awaiting trial (for sometimes up to two years.) on the sidewalk there are messages written to the men housed inside the building. messages addressed to specific men like: “i love you,” or “i am sorry.”

this dream says: “i dreamt i wrapped you in my skin.” as i was writing the dream in chalk i thought the dream could be taken as somehow tender, but my original thought for the dream referred to how canada took the children of the first nation community and placed them in boarding schools where their language and culture were forbidden. i was thinking this is also part of the role of the law, to create a culture where difference is erased to create a culture of assimilation.


2 Responses to “visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (4)”

  1. Vanni B said

    It made me tear up when I listened to Prime Minister Harper apologizing for the residential schools. I’m glad he didn’t mince words about the intent of those schools. There’s no doubt, in my mind, that more needs to be done to compensate the First Nation’s people but this apology is an important first step, to acknowledge that the racist opinions of those in power, back then, were wrong. And now that we know better, I hope we’ll do better.

  2. yes, me too. i think it may take a long, long time but we have to start somewhere, somehow.

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