visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (8)

July 18, 2008

day 4

“niki pawaten ekiwewekinitan pihcayihk nasakay” is cree for: “i dreamt i wrapped you in my skin.”

because i get up so early to go to my cree lesson i have started to notice where people are sleeping. i have seen a man sleeping here, curled up on the rocks, his head resting on a folded up coat.

every day (except today) on my way back to the residency i have walked by a man sitting on the sidewalk, his back against the wall. he always asks me for spare change. when i tell him i have none, he says,” i’ll take an orange.” usually i don’t have oranges, but once i had peanuts so i offered him some, but he can’t eat peanuts due to a peanut allergy. so today i bought twenty tangerines. tomorrow i will place them around edmonton in places where people sleep. of course i will place a couple in his spot.


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