visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (9)

July 18, 2008

day 5

this morning after cree lessons i walked around the city and placed oranges in places where the homleless sleep. it was my first time walking around so early in the morning and i was saddeded to see so many sleeping people lying on the ground, exposed, not hidden or protected by any covering. i did not put oranges beside any sleeping people, i just chose spaces where evidence of sleeping (or my previous walks had revealed) was found. in one location, about two seconds after i placed the oranges a man tapped me on the sholder and asked for change saying he was hungry. i pointed the oranges out to him and he took them. it was then i noticed he was with a woman, a girl really, who looked to be about seven months pregnant. she gave me a shy, sweet smile.


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