visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (17)

July 23, 2008

day 9

there is a man. he is leaning against the wall. it is about 25 degrees celsius, hot. he is wearing a winter jacket, the hoodie up. i pass and ask him if he is not too hot. he smiles and says nothing. i turn the corner and come upon this scene… cardboard on the ground and a stuffed animal and some rolled up blankets. i open my back-pack and take out two oranges and go back to the man and place the two oranges into his hands, making sure i touch him, his hands, as i give him the oranges. i say these are for you. he smiles, and again says nothing. i understand either he can not speak, or he does not speak english. i leave, turn the corner and put an orange on the cardbord and take a picture. today i went back to the spot and the stuffed animal was tossed under the bushes, the belongings scattered, and no sign of the man. i remember hearing form chris in montreal that the homeless with mental health or physical disabilities were the most vulnerable, the most un-protected.


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