visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (28)

July 26, 2008

day 13

today is the last day of my “street” work. tomorrow i will do a small performance in the gallery space. i hope there, in the gallery surrounded by people i have come to know, that i can lay down and let go of all the sorrow this work has engendered.


3 Responses to “visualeyez 2008/i dreamt i ran away from home (28)”

  1. Lance said

    Karen begins her piece on her knees her voice starting out small then growing larger- breaking apart in parts, rising and falling. She moans and wails reading her notes toiling through what has been broken and stolen using the construct of language to take us with her. For the last week she has been leaving chalk messages on the streets of Edmonton. Walking alone with her small backpack filled with the humble writing tools of a child. There is a burdensome weight in the short phrases she writes. But she has started something (in love) and now (despite how difficult) must see it to completion. I feel meeting her gaze at this moment to be irreverent- a violation of her privacy- a black mark to the injustices her eyes and ears have weathered and instead choose to close my eyes in an attempt to better absorb her words.

    The weight Karen has been carrying as she wanders the streets with purpose appears to be a weight not easily lifted. The images she has witnessed and dreamt about seem to have settled into her body and soul and are now rumbling to get out. She gives everyone invited an orange as a thank you- an offering of hope within the dark cloud of distress and suffering that has encased her. We walk with her a short distance from the gallery to witness one last marking- a message to those who have been silenced, to those who have no voice. She begins her final dream message bent over the sidewalk her back facing a handful of guests. We watch in silence- bare-witness to her words. When she is done there is a sense of relief. She stands up smiling. Todd hugs her. The crowd begins to talk again. Something magical and honouring has happened, something ‘just’ has been transcribed.


  2. Nicole Fournier said

    thank you Lance, for describing to us, the “end” of Karen’s work at visualeyez2008. And thank you Karen, for the work.


  3. lance,
    thank you so much for your presence and attention and words. your description touches me…and i too had my eyes closed.

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