3e imperial/prospectus

September 23, 2008

i am here in granby, at 3e imperial, starting to envision a residence that will take place in the future. the subject will again be dreams, although this time i am interested in how the elderly and dreams intersect. i am thinking about how to join the community here in granby, and i started to think about letters–about writing a dream in the form of a letter, then addressing the letter to a particular person who i choose from the telephone book. and then i started to think about how the telephone book as we know it will one day soon no longer exist…as more and more people opt for cell phones, the relation between the address and the person will no longer be associated to a fixed residential location. it makes this part of my project situated at the cusp of a transformation. not only do we no longer take the time to write letters (me included) but we will no longer be able to locate someone through finding their name in a telephone book.

i plan to write at least one person every day until the end of my project (or like today three people as i have remembered three dream images from last night)– continuing this part of the project while i am in montreal. on every letter i write my name and address (or rather the address of 3e imperial) as the return address. i am hoping that perhaps someone will write me back and a new aspect to the project will develop out of this contact.


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