the independant study group curates an exhibition in göteborg, sweden..and i’m a part of it!

April 29, 2009

May 2009 —
What Happens when Nothing Happens : Unrealised ideas from Montreal
at Gallery Rotor 1, Göteborg, Sweden
Vernissage May 28th 2009

September 2009
What Happens When Nothing Happens
will travel to FOFA Galllery, Montreal, Canada

The Independant Study Group will present an exhibition by Montreal based artists at Gallery Rotor 1 in Göteborg, Sweden in May 2009.

The exhibition will present Montreal based artists exploring media ranging from performance to drawing, to new media installation, to video and sculpture.

A reflection on the process that takes place in preparation of
making, what happens before an object of art is conceived, unedited ideas, processes, everything and all that comes before the final production.

It will be about searching, classifying, studying, memorializing, categorizing and the archiving of a grand idea.

The importance does not lie in what will be but in what is.

Showing the development of ideas for something that can not or
perhaps will not ever be conceived.


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