orange in palm of hand

May 9, 2009

dear sophie,

today i bought a large orange for 75 cents  at the iranian butcher/grocery store on ontario street. i carried the orange to the belgo building on sainte catherine street. i held the orange in my right hand, my arm close to my body, with the orange held out …a bit like i was holding my hand out asking for money…except my hand was filled with the bright orange. i slowly rotated the orange in my hand conscious of the weight and texture of it. i walked deliberately slightly slower than usual. when i got to the belgo building i walked up the stairs to optica, where suzanne caines was exhibiting a video document of a performance she did in a grocery store inviting people to share a bowl of soup with her. i sat on the bench between the two video projections with my orange on my knee. i had intended to ask someone if they wanted to share my orange with me…but after fifteen minutes when no-one came into the room i left the projection room and gave the orange to suzanne.


karen elaine spencer


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