navel lore

June 30, 2009

did you know the navel orange originated as a mutation of a sweet orange?

in 1820, in brazil, at a monastery, in an orange grove, on a sweet orange tree, an orange produced a tiny second orange inside itself. this “mutation” resulted in a seedless orange …

as history goes, we can assume the monks liked this seedless orange and grafted cuttings onto other citrus trees (the only way to reproduce the mutation as there are no seeds) as today there are navel oranges galore.

and…because cutting and grafting in the only method of reproduction, the navel orange of today carries the same genetic makeup as the original mutated orange. so, in a sense, the navel orange i peeled today is a clone of that one orange picked from that sweet orange tree at the monastary in brazil in 1820.

kinda cool.


29juneorangepeeler1this orange peel installation is courtesy of a navel orange produced in uruguay.

to be precise, the installation is at the vacant lot across from the vendome metro station, but the orange was eaten while i was sitting on the bench in front of the station.

jack peels orange

June 29, 2009

28junejackpeelsorange01today my friend jack accompanied me. i took photos while jack peeled his orange.

this is an organic orange, close to tangerine size. thin skinned, tangy and juicy.

26juneorangepeeleri do agree. it seems banal, simple. but for me it is not so easy. when i am alone i feel a slight unease in assuming a place, in taking up a place. it is subtle, but i feel it. i have a certain anxiety about occupying public space when there is no sanctioned reason behind it. and in this “performance” i eat an orange in public for the sake of eating an orange in public. i am not watching my kids in the park, i am not on a break from work, i have no real reason to be where i am doing what i am doing.

and then there is the intimacy of eating in public. the orange is moist, juicy and somehow slightly sensual, the peeling of the skin, the sectioning of the orange, this leisure in taking time to nourish oneself. all this further complicated by my deliberate placing of the peel and taking of the photograph. and then i walk away. leaving the peel behind as “evidence” that refuses to be put in its allotted space.

Eric Bolduc
Eric Bolduc
are you out of your mind ?!

Dominique Richard
Dominique Richard
and liking his fingers…mmmmmm

Michelle Bush
Michelle Bush
i can smell them
Dream Listener
Dream Listener
lol…its a dangerous job i know…but somebody’s gotta do it!


orange dream

June 25, 2009

j’ai rêvé que les oranges sur le plancher s’étaient mises à rouler lentement, comme si le plancher était légèrement en pente.

i dreamt the oranges on the floor slowly rolled, as if the floor was slightly slanted.

orange peeler at elpro

June 25, 2009

24juneorangepeelerorange peel hung on barbed-wire fence surrounding the elpro building. st-henri, montreal.

23orangepeelera beautiful day to sit under a tree and eat an orange.

22orangepeelereating oranges after dark

i met christine brault for tea in chinatown today. i took note of this mise-en-scene while christine was locking her bike. on my way home i returned to the spot, sat down, peeled and ate the orange.


orangepeeler14while my fellow workers and evil step-boss went to the ball leaving me behind to clean the cinders from the fire-place (or as the case may be, print relevant e-mail announcements) i –not the good little cinderella type, transformed into “orange peeler” and made a little mise-en-scene which i am sure my fellow workers will appreciate when they arrive to work in the morn.


orange or golden apple?

June 16, 2009

10orangepeelerthe orange as “the golden apple” in the story of hercules and atlas.

the story goes in order to become immortal hercules had to perform certain tasks for eurystheus, the king of mycenae. hurcules eleventh task was to steal the golden apples from the hesperides, the four virgin daughters of atlas who were responsible for safeguarding the garden containing the golden apples. the hesperides were helped in their duty by ladon, a hundred-headed dragon. it is said hercules tricked atlas into stealing the the golden apples for him by offering to hold the world in exchange. today the fruit of the orange is referred to as a hesperidium.

07orangepeelerthis “urban sculpture” was truly ephemeral. two hours after installation it disappeared (removed by a grounds janitor?) …and i had found the juxtaposition so beautiful. alas, like love beauty resides in the eyes of the beholder i guess.

orange peeler

June 5, 2009

06orangepeelerthe orange:

small, durable and easily transported, the peel can be removed without need of knife or other implement. held in the hands the relation to the body is sensual, intimate.

orange peeler

June 4, 2009


orangepeeleri am working (again) with oranges. slowly.

i sit alone in public. i slowly peel an orange. i place the peels on the surface i am sitting on. then i slowly eat the orange. recently i started making little “arrangements” with the orange peels and photographing them.

urban sculptures.