reflections on “eating oranges in public”

June 27, 2009

26juneorangepeeleri do agree. it seems banal, simple. but for me it is not so easy. when i am alone i feel a slight unease in assuming a place, in taking up a place. it is subtle, but i feel it. i have a certain anxiety about occupying public space when there is no sanctioned reason behind it. and in this “performance” i eat an orange in public for the sake of eating an orange in public. i am not watching my kids in the park, i am not on a break from work, i have no real reason to be where i am doing what i am doing.

and then there is the intimacy of eating in public. the orange is moist, juicy and somehow slightly sensual, the peeling of the skin, the sectioning of the orange, this leisure in taking time to nourish oneself. all this further complicated by my deliberate placing of the peel and taking of the photograph. and then i walk away. leaving the peel behind as “evidence” that refuses to be put in its allotted space.


One Response to “reflections on “eating oranges in public””

  1. just james said

    I totally understand and relate. I love swings but I know it looks weird for a grown man to be swinging on one so I walk by afraid to even sit on it. In this way I am trapped by society and convention. When will I be freed.

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