1991/1992 is damaged and too full

July 31, 2009

30julyorangethreadLe bureau d’investigation d’archives (BIA) / The Office for Archival Review (OAR) juin – août 2009 / June – August 2009

coordinated by:

Karen Zalamea & Sabrina Russo


Centre des arts actuels Skol 372, rue Sainte-Catherine O. espace 314 Montréal (Québec) H3B 1A2 t : 514-398-9322 f : 514-398-0767 http://www.skol.ca


a type of residency where i get to be amongst other artists within the space of the gallery and rummage through the gallery’s archives. today i was thinking how certain things can not be archived,

because if archived they will die.

like a goldfish for example, if you put a goldfish in a box and put a lid on the box and then shelve the box, chances are by the time you reopen the box the goldfish will be dead.

likewise if you put a person in a box and then put a lid on the box and shelve the box, by the time you go back and re-open the box the person might be dead …or missing.

archives are dry and do not contain moisture, hence they are not so great for life-forms, just for things that life forms make in the world like: words on paper or words on some other dry support, photographs on paper or slide or disk, audio tapes or c.d.’s, video’s, the occasional plastic bag.

not oranges or orange peels or goldfish.

the post title refers to the sad fact that the box containing the archives for 1991/1992 is damaged and too full.


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