Ou Je Suis N’est Pas Qui Je Suis

2009.11.26 – 11:30 AM

“Où je suis n’est pas qui je suis” is an art project by an independent artist.

HomelessNation.org does not endorse, nor does it condone, the project. It is art; created independently and without the support or permission of HomelessNation.org or its members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the artist, http://transienttraces.wordpress.com.

A description of the project:


Year: began December 2008 –
Location: anywhere the mail is delivered
Duration: ongoing

Selected text lifted from the homeless nation web site as a “ready-made” is transcribed in quotation/radio-wave marks on the back of the postcard. The postcard is then sent to an artist, educator, politician or communicator. All names and addresses of recipients are found on the web.

The project deflects communication from one social networking site whose members represent a certain social/economic status toward members of a different social/economic network. The work performs by communicating “as if” the targeted community is part of the homeless community.

Writing text by hand flips communication from the impersonal of the computer back into the personal of the human; the trace of the hand moving pen over paper invokes a human presence. As such, transferring text from the homeless nation site onto the postcard takes a text that is intended to be disseminated to as large an audience as possible and redirects it to infiltrate, one-by-one, the specific target audience.

The text lifted from the homeless nation website is not chosen with the goal of obtaining support for the homeless… it is used as a tool for infiltrating one reality into another reality. Permission is not sought from the original “author,” the project performs the position that information disseminated through social networking sites is in the public domain and open for fair use.

To date, October, 2009: 1239 postcards have been sent.

If you have received a postcard and would like to know more, make a comment, or contact the project creator, please visit the artist’s website: