title: onion peeler/épluche d’oignon
date: february 27, 2010
location: place bonaventure, zone 7, montréal, québec
duration: 18h30 – 2h30 (8 hours)
supported by: art souterrain, nuit blanche
performers: christelle proulx, justine desrosiers, jack locke, the artist

action: sitting on the top step of a ladder the performer holds an onion in her hand. she slowly peels the top layer away and lets it fall to the floor. each successive layer of the onion is peeled till there is no more. the performer then takes another onion into her hand and repeats the gesture. the fallen onion accumulates as the onion aroma fills the space.

performer: justine desroisiers

performer: christelle proulx

photos by: kerem saltuk