viva! art action 2011

February 15, 2012

title: speech acts, orange, walk with me

year: 2011

location: bain st-michel, montréal, québec

duration: 6 days (4-9 octobre)

supported by: praxis art actuel, viva! art action














photos: guy l’heureux


speech acts, orange, and walk with me, were conceived to be three separate performances that intertwined and spoke to each other.


speech acts took as its locale those spaces in-between the “official” and legitimized performances. the first night performance was between acts, taking the microphone, thanking the audience for their stillness, for stopping. the following nights speech acts moved into the location between the performance space and the washrooms, where people lined up politely, making small talk while waiting their turn. here oranges and a chair were barriers to an easy passage. the aroma of oranges scented the air while an ever growing accumulation of peels and flesh invited flies and decay.


orange was an off-site intervention into the space surrounding le bain, taking the orange as a marker, as a trace. over the course of the festival oranges were placed in sites that evoked vulnerability, a certain tenderness.


walk with me began a response to michelle lacombe‘s body of work. the one with one performance, first performed with michelle, later spread to other bodies, other walks.

photo: jack locke



to read what TouVA wrote about walk with me click here.

and to read about what i did as a participant in jessica maccormack‘s intervention click here.


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