title: revus (with mathieu beauséjour, clément de gaulejac, aude moreau and david k. ross)

year: 2012

location: galerie b-312, and streets of montréal, québec

duration: one month

supported by: galerie b-312

press: le devoir, les samedi 7 et dimanche 8 avril, 2012, livres d’or, paroles d’argent, p. e 7, delgado, jérôme.  ledevoir3

ink on cardboard – 21 x 28 cm. each
photos: the artist

black enamel and acrylic on cardboard –

photos: jack locke

selected comments penned in the  gallery’s guest books are transposed to cardboard and redirected to address a provincial politician. two versions of the transposed comments are exhibited; the ink on cardboard at the gallery and the enamel on cardboard which is taken to the street, held and eventually posted on an existing support. the  comments are directed to jean (charest) the current premier of québec (liberal party), pauline (marois) the leader of the parti québécois, françois (legault) the leader of coalition avenir québec, and amir (khadir) a co-leader of québec solidaire.


les flâneuses

March 16, 2012


les flâneuses : camila vasquez, karen elaine spencer, sandra lachance, schütze, bernard; saint-thérèse, québec : praxis art actuel, (2011) 46p. couverture souple. isbn 978 2980546 969.

things that can not be archived
voice: karen elaine spencer recorded by tim d’eon – as part of bia/oar residency at galerie skol, montréal, québec, 2009.
actor: nathaniel spencer cross filmed by karen elaine spencer, montréal, québec.