awhile back i wrote this for the performance event “link and pin” — featuring: michelle lacombe, andreá de keijzer, emma waltraud howes, and darren o’donnell.

September 2, 2014

the day is sunday, december 15, 2013. the starting time is 14h, the place is hub 14, the event is link & pin. the title given to this event is, participation.

participation is a performance event created, produced and hosted by the curator adriana disman. the photographer henri chan and the videographer (whose name i do not know,) hired by the artists, document the performances. the volunteer intern, veronica abrenica, takes care of the door. food is provided by the baker, natalie boustaid who receives a small sum of $15. the performers and the writers are invited by adriana disman. no performance fee is forthcoming, no writer fee is allotted, although monies obtained through the suggested entry fee of $10 are divided equally between the performers and the writers ($20 each.) adriana, also non-remunerated, welcomes us all.

to download pdf click on link: linkandpin





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