“One Day” –group exhibition @ ELLEPHANT Toronto (april 9 – 30/2016)

March 30, 2016

“One Day”
Opening on April 9th, 2pm to 5pm

1010 Queen St. W. Toronto
Thursday-Friday : 3pm to 8pm
Saturday-Sunday : 1pm to 6pm

Exhibition continues until April 30, 2016
Curator Christine Redfern

Book Launch of  THE PARK by Kate Hutchinson

One Day features five contemporary artists whose powerful visual artworks reflect upon our shared humanity.

Jennifer Smalls three sculptural pieces start with orphaned religious objects that she modifies and recontextualizes in order to examine the Charlie Hebdo shootings and theology’s place within society. Kate Hutchinson presents three photographs selected from her publication The Park. By documenting people using Montreal’s Mount Royal, Hutchinson develops a project about the communal nature of public places. Elena Willis imagines and depicts a schoolchild from the 1966 mining disaster in Aberfan, Wales and a premonitory dream told to Buddha by his wife Gopa. These two masterful photographs focus on individuals who are often forgotten when history is recounted.

Skawennati’s machinimagraph Face-Off recreates the iconic photograph from the Oka Crisis. This production still from Skawennati’s celebrated TimeTraveller™ machinama continues her on-going drive to show Indigenous culture thriving in the present and future. Ten drawings are on view from karen elaine spencer’s headline series. Each piece contains a headline from the New York Times, the NYSE Composite Index and the date. These rapidly changing bits of information become permanent and timeless through the artist’s slow, labour intensive rendering of them in ink on paper.

(to see some of the nyt headlines click here : https://likewritingwithwater.wordpress.com/drawing/)


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