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October 19, 2016

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karen elaine spencer: word word word, painting on paper, 33″ x 52″, 2014

One of five 2016 finalists for the Prix en Art Actuel awarded by the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec. Like her celebrated performance actions that consider the social, economic and political undercurrents of our culture, spencer’s unique text-based visual language forces us to slow down and look closely to decipher the underlying meaning of what is right before our eyes.


as part of my residency at praxis in 2011 (has not yet arrived with the project blog  i published roughly 31 petites annonces under the section of “services de transport” within the free daily the “metro” – which was the newspaper i picked up from the metro entrance on my way to the train which went to sainte-thérèse …and back.

here are a few  –

journal metro 17 fevrier 2011 -petites annonces

journal metro 23 fevrier 2011 -petites annonces

journal metro 24 fevrier 2011 -petites annonces

journal metro 28 fevrier 2011 -petites annonces

journal metro 25 mars 2011 -petites annonces