residence at galerie sans nom, moncton nouveau-brunswick –marge leblanc’s hand wrapped in bread

November 26, 2018

at age 94 marge’s mother was hospitalized. one day when visiting her mother marge asked, as she did every time she saw her mother, “how was your day?” her mother replied, “not good.” one of the attendants had been rough. marge immediately wanted to know who the attendant was so she could make sure that person was fired. her mother told marge, “no. i am going to speak with the attendant myself.”
the next day when the attendant arrived marge’s mother told the person to sit down on the stool next to her bed. she then spoke to the attendant saying, “i could tell you were angry yesterday. i don’t now why. maybe you had a fight with your girlfriend, maybe your kids woke you at 3 am in the morning, maybe your neighbours dog got into your garbage, but it doesn’t matter. what matters is i am in the hospital and you are here to care for me.”
marge told me the attendant wept. and apologized. her mother told marge she was certain the attendant would not be rough again. with anyone.

marge leblanc
22 novembre 2018
14h – 15h
galerie sans nom, moncton nouveau-brunswick


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