partage, season 2, curated by: étienne tremblay-tardif

December 23, 2019

Anonymous Artists – Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms – L’Itinéraire

One artist and her collaborator have chosen to remain anonymous in their response to the invitation by Partage Montréal. The work is a variation on an instruction piece initially written for the exhibition do it Montréal at Galerie de l’UQAM. The proposition consists of inviting a person self-identifying as homeless to work from the text of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms passed by the National Assembly of Quebec in June 1975. The project consists of choosing an article from the Charter, reproducing it by hand, and distributing it widely in the public space. In this case, an advertising space in the street magazine L’Itinéraire was reserved for the text, which will be published in the March 15 2016 edition. The artist will insert a sewing thread in 30 copies of that issue, for distribution to the Partage subscribers. By occupying an advertising space, the work to an extent bypasses the valuation of a precious, unique or rare object. The project addresses the notion of misappropriation, and even of theft, under the cover of anonymity. The production budget for the work was almost entirely passed on to L’Itinéraire (which also gave us a good rate on the advertising space) and to a shelter that has housed the artist’s collaborator.

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