title: has not yet arrived
for the program – mon espace/your space : bloc5 : les flâneuses

year: 2011

location: montréal, québec to saint-thérèse, québec

duration: three months

supported by: praxis art actuel

project blog: http://hasnotyetarrived.wordpress.com

with special thanks to former director of praxis art actuel, geneviève matteau, artist and current director of praxis art actuel, jason arsenault and artist, victoria stanton.


a trajectory from montréal québec to saint-thérèse québec reenacted three to four times a week over a two month duration (february and march.) this movement began as a walk  from my home to the nearest metro station. once at the metro station i would descend into the earth to travel from the orange line of the metro to the blue line. coming up from the metro i would walk to the train station and board a train going from montréal to sainte-thérèse. upon arriving at the saint-thérèse station i would exit the train and sit on a bench on the platform. facing the train tracks i would pour myself a coffee and eat my lunch. thirty-three minutes later i would board the train heading back to montréal. on the return trip i would eat an orange. the blog: www.hasnotyetarrived.wordpress.com conveys the project through a written correspondence with geneviéve matteau. in addition a newspaper article taken from the daily journal “metro” (collected each day while entering the metro) was scanned and uploaded onto the blog as well as data and photos.

the project also included an intervention into the classified ads under the heading of “services de transport” in the free daily “metro” journal and a spoken word performance presented for the finissage of the “résidence-laboratoire bloc5 : les flâneuses” at praxis.


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