title: la rue des rêves

year: 2008

location: mont-royal avenue, montréal, québec

duration: two months

presented by: paysages éphémères

collaboration: l’oeil dans l’front (elsa charpentier and perruche)

ateleirs in the park

photo: denis farely

for the opening of paysages éphémères the audience was invited to have their dream written (with washable body paint) on their body.

six ateliers of four hours each were held in the park des compagnons. a space was created where the public was invited to share their dreams, and if they wanted, to write their dreams on paper. these written dreams were then put into an envelope and were either inserted anonymously in mail-boxes along l’avenue mont-royal, or offered to the people in the park.

chalk dreams

dreams written with coloured chalk in ally-ways and on sidewalks along l’avenue mont-royal


photo: perruche (madeleine david)

perruche’s chalk dream–translated into english: i dreamt i lived in a clothing store with a little duck as a roommate.


this is one of the handbills placed along l’avenue mont-royal asking for dreamers. if someone had a dream to share we would go to the person’s house (or work place) and record their dreams with a marantz (a type of old-fashioned audio recorder.) the experience of listening to people tell their dreams was incredible. i felt privileged and slightly awed, it was an intimate and rich gift to receive, this generosity of strangers sharing their dreams.

dreams were recorded in english, french, spanish and chinese.

the recorded dreams were then broadcast twice daily from 12:30 to 1:00 and from 8:00 to 8:30 via loudspeakers located along l’avenue mont-royal at the intersection of christophe-colomb in front of the inter-marché and at the intersection of chabot in front of the parc des compagnons.

as well, audio tracks were made available at the tourist kiosk in front of metro mont-royal via a “dream-ipod” with different dreams selected for each installment.

in addition, perruche and i whispered a selection of short dreams that were played through two speakers hidden above the book stacks at the plateau mont-royal library.

the dreamers who so generously gave their dreams were :

Michael MK Siu
Aurelie McBrearty
DeAnne Lyn Smith
Omar Majeed
Mila Aung-Thwin
Bob Moore
Halima Quardiri
Anuj Khosla
Yung Chang
Marco Antonio Luna Barahona
Alexandra Yanofsky
Marie-Andrée Rho
Cèline Lauzon
Sylvie Dugré
Caroline Gravel
Emmanuelle Sirois
Fabienne Boussin
Laurence Roux
Charles-Olivier Mercier
Jordi Rosen

Anne Lalancette

Linda Venne
Anne-Marie Cardin
Robert Maura

Tania Hernandez

as well as those who wished to remain anonymous

perruche (madeleine david) and marco luna editing the audio tracks


photo: jack locke

elsa charpentier writes a dream on her arm using body paint…practicing for the ateliers at the park.


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