residence at galerie sans nom, moncton nouveau-brunswick -paul edouard bourque and bread

November 26, 2018

20181125_135155 copy

paul edouard bourque, bread and thread, galerie sans nom, moncton nouveau-brunswick, 2018.

continuing the work using past-due-date white sliced bread (starting with larry leblanc, 18 november and marge leblanc, 22 novembre) paul and i explored the body, bread and memory.

from paul i learned the story of evangeline, the acadian girl who was separated from her lover gabriel during the forced removal of acadians from new brunswick. in paul’s contemporary retelling of the story evangeline becomes lost and confused during her long search for gabriel as she travels down to louisiana. along the way she picks up brightly coloured plastic debris thinking the debris are berries and fruits. like the whales and birds who inadvertently swallow plastic garbage, evangeline dies.

to see some images of paul’s work click on the link below:


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