charter poets: ken mclaughlin, blossom thom, and j.j. lokshtanov move the charter.

February 27, 2020

The Charter Poets; Blossom Thom, Ken McLaughlin and J.J. Lokshtanov, take their plywood panel, featuring Section 3 of the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, to the street. In the video the Poets perform their “Charter Rag” for the first time.
Section 3 of the Charter reads: Every person is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. On the panel Section 3 was translated into Tagalog, Greek, Eastern James Bay Cree, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Haitian Creole.
The film was shot and edited by Rosalie Bordeleau with music by Moss. “moving the charter” is a project by karen elaine spencer.


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